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Caedmon Mac Brenna (Caid-MON)

Circle of the Crone

Believed Age (what others will think): Caedmon appears to be in his early twenties, having been embraced at age 19. It is known that Caedmon is well over 1,000 years old; however, it is common knowledge that he has been through many torpors, so his true age is greatly speculated. Caedmon claims to be from the late Celtic age, which he places around 300 to 400 A.D.

What others will know:
Caedmon is the patriarch of the Mac Brenna lineage, a Daeva line of Morrigan worshipers. Caedmon arrived in Nashville with the Mac Brenna family in the late 1850s. The older members of Nashville’s requiem can account that Caedmon was highly involved in obtaining South East Nashville for the Mac Brennas during the 1860s. However after the territory was obtained Caedmon practically disappeared from kindred public life. It is believed he experienced yet another torpor during his absence.

The old Daeva did not return to kindred society until the 1960s when it was obvious that he was revitalized by the “free-love” movement of that decade. Since that time he has served as Seneschal to his childe Edana Mac Brenna, Primogen of the South East territory of Nashville. More often than not the old codger seems flaky and distracted at “important” gatherings, it seems he would rather spend his time cracking jokes and merry making rather then dealing with kindred politics. This cannot only be seen by his out of place behavior, but by his outrageous manner of dress. He more often than not looks like a homeless man fresh out of a free-clothing drive.

Despite the countless attempts by his childer and other modern kindred Caedmon displays a lack of understanding for the modern system of commerce. In fact Caedmon can often be seen digging in trashcans and “collecting” junk for his own purposes. Many a young kindred has mistaken Caedmon for a lowly hobo only to have their own beast rise in fear at the site of the old fool. These new kindred are often more than surprised to learn that the idiot actually serves the court of Nashville as a Seneschal of the South East.

Regardless of Caedmon’s many faults he is well loved by his childer and grand-childer. They look after him like a beloved grandparent. It is also known that Caedmon cares greatly for his family, and more than one kindred has suffered Caedmon’s wrath upon hurting one of them. Even though Caedmon is seen as an old fool in the political arena, only truly stupid kindred discount his power and influence as an old kindred. Torpor may have soured the old warriors mind, but the many years have strengthened his body. True to his Daeva roots he is connected to many other old kindred.

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